The new 2018 Ford Lightning aka F-150 is an apparition that stepped right out of the dream of a truck enthusiast. From the get go, you can see that Ford put their all in the design of this monster.

The exterior styling alone is really something to write home about. The American car maker has seven different stylings of the front grille, all awesome to behold. The lights have also been touched up in subtle yet elegant ways. The same goes for the wheels. Because the wheels are bigger, the styling of the fender is accounted for.

Beneath the hood of this truck, Ford has introduced an optional lightweight engine. There are, however, other powerful engines that the car manufacturer has made available. All of these have been updated to better perform in this age.

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The interior of the new Ford Lightning is also a wonder to behold. The stylists and designers pulled no punches on this when they were working on it.

2018 Ford Lightning Exterior

Like many trucks, the size and aesthetic design of the grille is one of the main attractions. The new Ford Lightning has an exterior that the car is proud to present and the owner proud to show off.

Across the trim levels, Ford has provided seven different kinds of front grilles, all with different designs. This, therefore, means that you can style your new F-150 in any way that pleases you.

The majority of these new grille styles feature a two bar design surrounded by the iconic Ford latticework. These two bars run the length of the front, giving it a wider appearance. This wider appearance is key to having a truck with aggressive aesthetic qualities.

2018 Ford Lightning two bar grille design
The two bar design of the front intake grille adds aggressiveness.

In this edition of the Ford Lightning, the front headlights push up further towards the center of the grille. The design of these headlights is quite sophisticated, with the high and low beams sandwiching the turn signal lights. The former pair are each separately ringed by LED lights, thereby adding to the sophisticated look.

At the rear, the stop lights take some inspiration from the overall design of their front counterparts. These lights also come in the form of a two piece element with red LEDs around each portion.

The F-150 engine

For the first time, Ford is offering a diesel engine in this truck. For the moment, Ford is still holding the cards close to its chest regarding this light-duty power unit. All that is known so far is that it is a 3.0 liter turbo V6 engine.

The rest of the engine lineup comprises petrol units. The 3.5 liter V6 that was present in the previous versions of the F-150 has been replaced by a 3.3 liter V6. This power unit will be paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission.

2018 Ford Lightning new front headlight styling
New design of the front headlight cluster.

The 2.7 liter V6 EcoBoost and the massive naturally aspirated V8 8.0 liter engines have been tweaked to eke out more power for the 2018 Ford Lightning. The former is mated with a 10 speed automatic transmission gear box.

Interior of the new Lightning

Ford has loaded the interior with new features that are heavy on current technology. However, this does not take away from the gritty nature of the truck since you can still feel connected to the massive power unit.

The car maker has upped the level of the electronics. For example, there is now a pre collision system that warns the driver of an impending crash. This is capable of even detecting pedestrians, a feat that was quite difficult last time around.

2018 Ford Lightning improved cabin
Comfy and spacious interior with advanced tech features.

There is also the option of adaptive cruise control. This is a genius addition because the truck can now stop and go without having to shut down when it slows down.

The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of space for the occupants. The dash does not appear cluttered, with everything within reach and easy to use. Ford also provided a 4G WiFi hotspot within the cabin which is a good feature these days.

The audio system is robust and quality, being that it is provided by the renowned Bang and Olufsen.


  • Wheelbase: unknown
  • Length: unknown
  • Width: unknown
  • Max Speed: unknown
  • 0-60 mph: unknown
  • Passenger volume: 5 passengers
  • Storage volume: not yet known
  • Curb weight: unknown
  • MPG (miles per gallon) for both city and highway: not yet known
  • Available exterior colors: not yet known
  • Towing capacity: not yet known but more than current models

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Release date and Price

The 2018 Ford Lightning is slated to be released in the fall of 2017. According to Car Release Dates, this monster will probably be sold for about $50,000 because of the new features.



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