Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum Review

Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum Review


Everyone can agree on the fact that taking your car to the car wash to use the vacuum is now the most ideal experience. For one thing, you have to leave your driveway to do so, you may have to wait on a vacuum, and sometimes that vacuum may be the “bad one” that is barely operational.

Home vacuums provide a much more convenient way to keep your car clean, and one that you can depend on. Having a car vac at home means your car is clean more often, as you’re more prone to vacuum frequently if you can do it at your home.

Not everyone likes to invest in a product that’s only for cars, so multivac products are much more preferred. This gives you something that you can use in the home and out, combining two things into one.Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum Sloting Out Review

The Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum is the perfect example of a versatile vacuum that can offer multiple applications that extend well beyond your vehicle. It’s perfect for using in your car on a frequent basis, but it provides a lot more, and not for an outrageous price.

About The Product

Vacmaster is a fairly well-known name in the cleaning industry, especially when it comes to making commercial-level products for home use. This product is intended to offer 3 specific uses, and all of them on a high level.

The Vacmaster vacuum can be used all over your property, and not just in your car. It is a wet vac, dry vac, and a detachable blower, all in one.

Included with the Vacmaster wet/dry vac:

  • 7 ft. hose
  • 12 ft. Cord with Cord Wrap
  • 2 extension wands
  • Car nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • 8 in. utility nozzle
  • Blower nozzle
  • Air/noise diffuser
  • Blower adapter
  • Standard cartridge filter
  • Reusable foam sleeve
  • Quick Release Detachable Blower, with 210 MPH blowing speed
  • Extra large drain port
  • Balanced Top Handle Design and a large On/Off dust-sealed switch

The vacuum is very powerful, regardless of what attachment you are using. It’s perfect for car upholstery and interiors, and the multiple attachments give you several different options for accessing crevices and other spots where messes are hiding.

If you have a liquid spill, be it in your car or in your home, the wet vac setting easily handles that as well. The vacuum’s 12 gallon capacity is probably more than it needs to be, but it’s good to have that much storage space in case of huge messes.

Ther leaf blower is almost like a bonus. With a max wind speed of 210 MPH, you’ve got all the power you need to blow leaves, dirt, grass, and whatever else out of the way. Different attachments can be used to direct the airflow in a more targeted way.Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum Detached Review

It is worth noting that the unit may trip a breaker if used on certain electrical outlets. It does require some added power, and you’ll likely need an extension cord as well. Aside from that, it requires just a small amount of assembly out of the box, which is really just the installation of the casters.

Oh, right, the casters. This vacuum has caster wheels on the bottom, letting you roll it to and from where you’re using it. They are actually fairly heavy duty as well, so no need to babby the vacuum as you push it along your yard or driveway.

Pros And Cons Of The Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum

The Vacmaster seems to be very popular among its users. The vast majority of buyers were all impressed with the power of both the vacuum and the blower. Some even found some inventive uses for the vacuum attachment, such as sucking up popcorn ceiling particles right off the ceiling.

Buyers were also happy with the portability from the casters. There were some that complained about eh casters coming off, but the general consensus was that they weren’t screwing them in right, which is obviously an easy fix.

So how is it for a car? Incredibly effective. The 5 HP vacuum creates a strong suction that makes cleaning the inside of your car a breeze. No worrying about having to go back over the same spot over and over. The multiple attachments make the process even easier.Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum Leaf Blowing Review

Perhaps an underrated part of the vacuum is how quiet it already is, but you can attach a muffler to make it more quiet. This will make it more comfortable to use for long periods, and spare your neighbors the annoying noise as well.

There may be a small adjustment period when you first start using the unit as you feel it out, but you’ll quickly get acclimated to how everything works, and learn its limits as well.

How To Get A Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum

The Vacmaster can easily be found on Amazon, where you can order it and have it shipped right to your door in a matter of days; for free if you’re a Prime customer. The price is very fair, as it is over $100, but stays under the $130 mark. When you consider that you’re getting 3 tolls in one, that’s a very good value. Some people pay that much just for a vacuum.

And if that’s not enough, you get a 2 year warranty, which is double what you normally get with something like this.Vacmaster VBV1210 Vacuum Front View Review

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a solid vacuum for your car that you can depend on for frequent use, this product from Vacmaster is an excellent choice, even if that’s all it did. The added bonus of a wet vac AND a leaf blower places it on another level. The numerous attachments and convenient features make it a superior home vac, especially for the price.

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If you’d like to have a powerful, convenient, and versatile vacuum that contains endless uses, click here to purchase.

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